Character Development System


Starting from the base male mesh, you can create a wide range of unique character, or implement the system directly into your games to allow your players to create their own unique avatars.


From male and female to the body and face, included are hundreds of morphs to get you started. Not only that, but a few clicks of the mouse and you can add addition morphs to the base model and have them appear instantly in the UI.


It's all about appearance! Add the clothing style that best suits you game genre with clothing packs or single items. Better yet, import the base mesh into your favourite modelling program and create your own!


The feature rich inventory system allows you to turn any game object into a collectable, we take care of everything. Add unique properties to the items that will enhance your game completely. Easily add health packs, perishables, items of interest and even clothing.


Progression is important in any game. With the Levels API you can take progressive game-play to the extreme. Linked with the inventory system you can reward your players for the things they collect and use. Or easily add key events to your environment. The way you use it is limited to your imagination.


Create custom skills for your players to learn, achieve and thrive toward. Make your skills perishable or accumulative. Create health and armour and let it perish with time or actions. Or skills that last the ages like blacksmith, archery or cooking. The choice is ultimately up to you.

PBR Textures and Shaders

Thanks to the advancement of Unity®, our textures are created to look good under any lighting and shading. From reflective eyes to oiled skin. Clothing and accessories can take on a life of their own with realistic metals and fabrics.

GUI and UI

From creating characters to building inventories, nothing says simplicity more than an Editor GUI. But the players have not been left out, easily implement a runtime UI to fast track your creative talents.


With the LOD pipeline you can have high frame rates without compromising on environment size. With 4 levels of detail, need we say more?


Combined with the LOD pipeline, you can target specific game systems without your game disappointing, this includes mobile devices so you can target any platform Unity® supports.

Runtime API

With the extensive API you can incorporate as much or as little of the CDS as you want. While everything can be linked, nothing requires another feature to work. For instance, you can create a fully functional Inventory system with or without including the Skills system. Not even the Avatar system is required to use the other features. We are also working on some striping tools so you only include the features you used in your final game builds.


The CDS is being created with the future in mind, and not limiting you to what we provide. Create your own body morphs, your own clothing, your own UI and so much more. Maybe your great with code, you can extend the framework to do something we haven't thought of! Not only that, we have a few features on the wish list that will be included once the CDS has matured.

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